Teletubbies sun baby showcases huge baby bump as she heads to third ultrasound scan & fans are quick to congratulate her | The Sun

JESS Smith, better known to her fans as the original Sun baby from the Telletubies, has given a cute bump update as she heads to the third ultrasound scan.

The star, from Kent, recently delighted fans around the world after revealing she was expecting her first tot with partner Ricky.

Jess, who is now in her mid-20s, first gained huge success after appearing in the kids' classic TV programme The Telletubies, where she greeted us as the giggling baby in the sun.

The show, a firm favourite for many of us and our kids, ran between 1997 and 2001 – although it was rebooted around 2014.

Since then, Jess has also grown up and has now shared a little update on her life as a mum-to-be.

Taking to Instagram, where her page has over 9k followers, the stunner – as adorable as ever – posted images of her baby shower, attended by friends and family.



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The heartwarming images, where Jess was sporting a figure-hugging midi dress, also revealed how big ber bump had grown, as she was lovingly holding it with her hands.

''Fantastic baby shower hosted by @abby_burton23,'' she wrote in the sweet post.

''Cannot thank everyone enough for a lovely afternoon.''

For the mum-to-be this has been a busy period, as she's recently also been visiting the hospital for regular check-ups, including her third ultrasound scan.

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The news has made it all over the world, as global fans, some even from South America, have raced to congratulate the couple on their new journey now that they've become three.

''My best wishes Jessica, greetings from Chile, god bless you,'' one fan of The Teletubbies wrote.


Someone else chimed in: ''Can’t wait to meet baby.''

''Congratulations sun baby ,'' a third penned.

''Congratulations! So excited for you!'' another commented.

The Teletubbies, documenting the goings-on of the cheeky creatures Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La-la and Po in Teletubbyland, was created by Anne Wood and Andrew Davenport in 1997. 

Jess has previously shared to BBC South East about how she landed the golden gig, telling presenters it was all down to a chance encounter.

“I was being weighed at the hospital,” she recalled. 

“My mum took me and it just happened to be the same time that the producer of the old series had come in and wanted the hospital to get in contact with them if they’d seen any smiley babies.” 

She revealed that while filming, her dad would sit behind the camera playing with toys to get her to do the now-famous and iconic giggle. 

But it wasn’t until 2015 that the childhood star confirmed that she was in fact the TV icon. 

“I used to hide it,” she revealed.

''But after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university, I’ve gained the confidence to come out with it.” 

“I am the sun from the ‘Teletubbies’,” she confirmed.

“Everyone says they can see the likeness between my face now and me as a baby. 

“I still have a baby face. I haven’t changed much either. I am still giggly.”

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