The Queen’s police protection officers have given her the secret code name Sharon, royal historian claims – The Sun

WHEN the Queen is out in public, she is said to use a secret name given by her security protection officers.

Instead of calling Her Majesty her real name when she is doing engagements, staff instead are said to call her “S” for her safety.

An aide making a reconnaissance security trip in advance of a royal visit to a cathedral town said: "She's written down as S.”

When asked what the “S” stands, he is said to have cupped his hand over his mouth and whispered: “It’s Sharon”.

Can this really be true, that the rather common name is used for the Queen? Royal historian Hugo Vickers said: “Yes, it is highly likely.”

He added: “The purpose of any sobriquet is that it should be anonymous and memorable.

“If it can also be a bit mischievous and therefore all the more memorable, then that makes sense.

“Although S might simply stand for Sovereign of course.”

The Queen isn’t the only famous figure with a secret name for protection, with Obama's being Renegade and Trump having the moniker of Mogul.

Her Majesty also goes by a different name when she is in private around her family.

Those who are fans of The Crown will know that Prince Phillip likes to refer to his wife as “Lilibet”, playing on her name Elizabeth, and also is said to call her “sausage” when they are alone.

Meanwhile grandkids Prince George and Princess Charlotte refer to Her Majesty as “Gan-Gan”.

Prince William comically called the Queen “Gary” when he was young after struggling to correctly pronounce “Granny”.

Adorable Prince George and Princess Charlotte also have a sweet nickname for Camilla – and it’s not grandma.

The Duchess of Cornwall told singer Lady Gaga at the 2016 Royal Variety Performance that her grandkids call her “GaGa”.

And Prince Harry calls his dad “pa”, and is often called “darling boy” in return.

The newest member of the royal family Meghan Markle has already been given an inner circle nickname.

Future king Prince Charles is said to call his daughter-in-law Tungsten, inspired by the tough metal known for its robustness.

The purpose of any sobriquet is that it should be anonymous and memorable.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the nickname came from Meghan's strength and determination – said to have impressed Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle also gave Prince Harry a nickname just weeks after they went for their first date, it has been revealed.

A friend of the former Suits star, Gina Nelthorpe-Crowne, revealed that Meghan refers to her partner affectionately as “Haz”.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.

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