The Rich Kids of Instagram cool off during the heatwave with HUGE bottles of rose, luxury hotel breaks and trips on private yachts – The Sun

AS THE weather hots up many of us can only dream of lounging by a pool or deep sea diving, but for these teens that’s very much the reality.

For the Rich Kids of Instagram there is no sweating it when it comes to the heat as their cold hard cash is enough to keep them cool.

While working Brits sweat on sweltering public transport these spoiled youngsters rely on chauffeur service all the way, whether that’s and air-conditioned Audi or a private jet to their next five star getaway.

A package holiday simply won’t do with the youngsters jetting off to five star resorts in the Maldives, Dubai and the South of France.

And while families queue round crowded lidos, there is no danger of these teens having to share a body of water let alone a changing room.

Snaps from their holidays show the Rich Kids relaxing in private pools and even hot tubs on board yachts.

A chilled glass of rose is just what the doctor ordered during the heat wave, but as this wealthy lot demonstrates, why have a glass when you can have a magnum?

Those of us who are lucky enough to get away this summer may find us fighting it out for a sunbed, which is certainly not a problem for these teens.

Beach lounging calls for your own private day bed perfect for capturing that Insta vision.

And with no job tying them down and their parents fortune at their hands the Rich Kids have had plenty of time to perfect their beach bodies.

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