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THREE quarters of singles admit they are returning to their ex after realising the grass isn’t greener elsewhere.

A poll of 1,000 singletons revealed just how many will end a relationship and immediately start dating only to realise the mistake they made and want to return to their ex.

This trend, which seven out of 10 singles are guilty of, is known as ‘Ekin-sU turning’, a phrase inspired by Love Island winners Davide and Ekin-Su.

More than half (51 per cent) of these respondents referenced ‘unresolved issues’ to be a reason for wanting to return to an old flame.

While half simply realised the error of their ways and 28 per cent had ‘too much history’ to let go entirely.

The research was commissioned by dating app Plenty of Fish to take a deeper dive into the newest dating behaviours to launch its annual dating trend predictions.

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It also found 63 per cent have rebounded following a break-up and ended up dating a younger, unexpected partner in cases of the ‘180-Dating’ trend.

Relationship guru and script consultant on Netflix’s Sex Education, Alix Fox, said: “Despite dating having been around since the dawn of humanity, our dating habits are hugely impacted by current affairs, technological advances and cultural trends, putting a whole new spin on age-old instincts.

“Whether it’s an economic recession, the latest TikTok trends, environmental concerns causing greener mindsets or celebrity affairs making headlines, the ways we connect are ever changing.

“One piece of advice to singles that’s consistently helpful is to be authentic and honest – with yourself as well as others – to allow for a more low-pressure dating experience.”

Despite dating having been around since the dawn of humanity, our dating habits are hugely impacted by current affairs

The study also found 74 per cent of daters are ‘Bae Realing’ and saying ‘no’ to photo editing and filters on dating apps spurred on by recent social media trends.

Although 69 per cent have used a photo filter on a picture when online dating in the past.

As many as 87 per cent also admitted to having all the intention to go on dates, but not actually following through with meeting up, kicking off the ‘OnlyPlans’ trend.

The research also revealed the criteria singles have curated when looking for love, where 39 per cent want someone who is family-orientated and 28 per cent look for someone with a sense of humour.

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However, 39 per cent are ‘Eco-Dumping’, saying they would only date someone with a keen interest in the environment, with their physical appearance only being a key attribute for 23 per cent.

And only seven per cent care about their potential suitor’s profession.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found 23 per cent reckon online and virtual dating will surpass in-person dating in the next 10 years.

While 46 per cent of singles are open to a virtual reality date before meeting someone in real life.

Our dating lives are impacted by the world around us, from the reality TV shows we watch to more serious environmental issues

It also emerged 52 per cent are being impacted by the rising cost of living and opting for cheaper dates over spoiling a new love interest.

And 73 per cent are avoiding or cancelling plans with a potential partner due to the cost of a date, resulting in the ‘Cost of Loving.’

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Kate MacLean, resident dating expert at Plenty of Fish, said: “Our dating lives are impacted by the world around us, from the reality TV shows we watch to more serious environmental issues.

“We want dating to feel more natural, and that’s why it’s great to see the rise of people embracing their true, authentic selves with Bae Realing or giving loved ones a second chance by Ekin-sU Turning.”

A full list of the dating trends can be found here.


1. Swap the ‘meet cute’ for the ‘greet cute’.

Meeting on dating on apps rather than a chance encounter doesn’t mean you can’t still make a memorably novel and authentic introduction. Try opening on an uplifting note by sharing a few things that made you smile or laugh this week and inviting your match to share theirs. 

2. Don’t get stuck, stack instead!

Suggest a short first date to start with, like an after-work drink, then if it’s going well, you can always stack on dinner or dancing to extend it. Brainstorm your stacking options in advance so you know nearby spots if it goes well.

3. Don’t date yourself into debt.

Cheaper dates – like rocking up with a flask of hot mulled wine to go stargazing – can be original and romantic. Remove the pressure of having to spend by being upfront.

4. Practice mindful inter-app-tion.

It’s tempting to log into dating apps whenever you have a spare second during commutes, in the lift, even in the loo. But if you’re swiping while you’re rushed or distracted you might miss promising matches. Try making dedicated time each day/week to enter dating apps with the mindset that you’re intrigued to carefully consider interesting people and engage in satisfying conversations.

5. Welcome in The Sincerer Era!

Yes, you want to “show your best side” on dating apps, but you also want to attract matches who’ll be into the whole, true you. The closer your online profile is to the real-world person you are, the closer you are to finding a real connection.

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