What you see first in this optical illusion says tonnes about your personality & how you look at the world

Have you ever thought about how you look at the world?

A mind-bending optical illusion shows two different images which can reveal a lot about your personality – but it all depends on what you see first.

The two options shared to The Bright Side YouTube channel are an old man's profile or a man on a horse, a river and a figure on the ground.

And according to the narrator, if you saw an old man's profile first, you believe you can achieve anything in life if you give it your all.

"You're patient and stubborn in a good way," he continues.

You set goals and fulfil them one by one on the way to your dreams."


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Alternatively, if it was a man on a horse, a river and a figure on the ground, you believe in destiny.

"You think lots of things are just meant to be," the narrator says. "You aren't lazy, but you're sure success is just a matter of luck."

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"When you have an uneasy choice to make, you prefer to wait it out and let the problem solve itself."

Many social media users were left impressed at the illusion, with one person saying: "Thanks, that really helps me to understand myself."

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A second commented: "It all worked and guessed almost everything about me!"

A third enthused: "All of them were so accurate!"

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