Woman shares cringe text she sent her neighbour to stop him having loud sex – and his reply is even worse | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the cringe-making text she had to send her upstairs neighbour asking him to keep the noise of his "incessant" lovemaking down.

Rosie took to her TikTok page to share the story, explaining that the noise has been going on for around three months, and speculating that "he must have a new partner".

And it's not just "normal" sex noises, according to Rosie – but very emphatic, vigorous sounds of approval.

She said that she's tried going into the hallway and gently knocking to ask him to keep it down, as well as bashing on the ceiling with a broom – both to no avail.

But things reached a head when she had her family over for Sunday lunch and her neighbour started going at it upstairs.

"I was just eating my roast potatoes and gravy and I just heard this, 'I love it!'" Rosie recalled.

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While she told her relatives the noise came from a neighbour's cat, they made a swift exit.

Then, later that evening, it happened again and, by 11pm, when they got going for the third time, Rosie had had enough and decided to send him a message.

"Hey, this is quite awkward but we just feel like it’s reached a point where we have to say something…" she wrote.

"Over the last month and a half we can hear you (particularly your partner) being intimate above us.

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"Earlier we had family guests around and we are now currently trying to sleep, we’d really appreciate if you could be more considerate to the block on the noise levels."

Shortly after sending the message, Rosie received a reply from the man upstairs.

"Ah crap, I’m so sorry!" he wrote.

"I did wonder but figured if we kept the windows and door shut we’d be ok.

"We will definitely be more considerate in the future.

"Sorry for making everything so awkward.

"In general, if you hear any kind of noise from me, music or TV or footsteps or renovation or anything, please let me know and I’ll be more careful.

"I have been thinking the floors are quite thick but obviously not as thick as I’d hoped.

"It’s hard to tell from upstairs, so please let me know! I’m so sorry, again."

"Omg. This is hilarious! And I am so grateful I live in the middle of nowhere!" one person commented on Rosie's video.

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While another added: "If that was sent to me I'd move!!"

As someone else wrote: "I used to hear my neighbour not only screams but also the clapping."

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