Woman shares shocking way she can tell how cold her house is – and it's all to do with her toaster | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the shocking way she can work out how cold her house is – just by what she has for breakfast.

Rhiannon took to TikTok to share a video of herself making some toast, over which she wrote: "POV: It's so cold in your house that your toast does this."

In the clip, she was seen toasting a wholemeal sandwich thin in her toaster.

But when it was done and she got it out, the amount of steam that came off of it left her stunned.

"It's not even burnt, wtf," she added.

"Cost of living crisis got my breakfast lookin like a hogwarts experiment," Rhiannon captioned her video.

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The comments section was quickly filled by people revealing their own ways of judging the temperature, with one writing: "My house is so cold that my Starbucks colour changing cold cup has changed colour…normally activated by cold water."

"Yep.. Can see my breath in my home, pillows and duvet feel like blocks of ice too but cant afford to put heating on," another added.

"Yeah I can see my dogs breath – feel awful but literally can’t afford to put the heating on," someone else commented.

"I’m in 2 hoodies and still shivered so much I thought I was going to throw up yesterday lol," another person wrote.

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"I made a mocha. It was ice cold in 2 minutes," someone else added.

While another comment read: "Mine's that cold in our house I forgot my water until the morning – it had ice on top."

"my olive oil has set into a solid, I don't have a fridge tho so it's kinda a win that my food's cold," someone else wrote.

As another commented: "I don't need a fridge, it's just the entire kitchen.

"Had to put the heating on today to stop pipes freezing, dreading how much it'll cost."

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