Woman shows off her immaculate cleaning cupboard & has people rushing to stock up on Command strips

THE cupboard below the sink tends to be a disorganised place in most houses – but this woman has found a way to stock a wealth of cleaning products and keep her cupboard immaculate at the same time. 

She’s managed to keep everything visible, accessible and stunningly organised, and all you need to do is get some Command strips. 

Tiktok user Marilyn shared her storage technique with her followers and was met with plenty of praise.

In the video, the cleaning fan shows the cupboard below her sink before she tries her new organisation method.

It’s stocked full of products, with some piled high in a basket and others stacked up, – there’s no way to access products at the back without rummaging through the whole cupboard, and products at the back aren’t totally visible.

She then shows her secret weapons – Command strips, hooks, and caddies.

Sticking caddies and hooks to the inside of the cupboard doors, Marilyn is able to arrange all her products so everything is totally visible, accessible and visually pleasing.

Marilyn says she got all the items in the video at the Amazon Command store. 

The clip has amassed two million views, and commenters can’t get enough of the super tidy storage solution. 

“Idk if it’s an adult thing but I’m literally in love with command strips”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “My eyes!!! Ok now Sunday is spent on Amazon and Tiktok! Sold!”

“This is brilliant”, enthused another viewer.

Another agreed: “So going to do this!”

Some were concerned that storing loose washing up tablets in a caddy wouldn’t be safe for young children who might put them in their mouths.

“Good idea until the kids are in there tryna eat the detergent pods”, said one viewer.

Marilyn stated, however, that the products will be safe from her young children, as she has locks on the cupboard doors.

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