You can now buy a tanning nightie to save your bedsheets from gross brown marks – The Sun

WITH summer in full swing it’s time to get those bronzed pins out – but often that means grappling with a messy self-tan first.

As we all try and look like our favourite Love Islanders, achieving a sun-kissed glow is must-have.

Yet despite our best efforts we’ve all ended up with a streaky, patchy tan, with more on our clothes and bedsheets than our skin.

But leaving a trail of brown stains in our wake could be a thing of the past.

Tired of wearing her most drab outfits to get a spray tan – and not to mention buying countless bedsheets – Aussie Brooke decided to do something about it.

She created a ‘Little Tanning Dress’, a range of clothing made to be worn right after a spray tan.

  • Courtney Tanning Kaftan Leopard, The Little Tanning Dress, £33.48 ($59.95) – buy now

Made from a nylon and spandex weave, similar to swimwear material, it doesn’t absorb tan like other clothing does.

The website explains: “Brooke felt frustrated after her weekly spray tans due to the limited clothing options.

“Sick of having to choose from her daggiest loungewear or run the risk of staining her good clothes and ending up with a patchy tan – she set about finding a solution!

“Brooke needed a way to leave the tanning salon looking stylish and feeling good but not destroy her clothes or tan.

“This dress is designed to take you to work, or coffee and lunch then to the spray booth to street… in style.”

The range is designed to be fashionable and stylish, so you can go about your day without waiting for the tan to dry first.

Tips to achieve the best self-tan

  • Exfoliate your skin before self-tanning
  • Do any hair removal 24 hours before application
  • Moisturise rough skin and your hairline
  • Use a mitt to apply
  • Remember to clean your nails afterwards so they don’t stain
  • Apply in the evening so the tan has longer to develop
  • Don’t use perfumes or deodorants before application or while it’s developing

And if you’re running out of bedding, you can wear the outfits at PJs.

The website now sells a range of tan-resistant clothing, including maxi dresses, tank tops, onesies and underwear, in a range of styles including classic black and leopard print.

Prices start from £15.61 ($27.95) for underwear, and go up to £44.65 ($79.95) for a onesie.


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