You’re washing your hair all wrong – the towel you’re using is probably ruining your style, expert claims

WHEN it comes to hair care, there's some crucial mistakes you may be making, with one expert revealing your towel could actually be ruining your locks.

TikTok user @lillyvanbrooklyn has been sharing the mistakes she's made in the past in her quest to get her looks looking healthy and shiny.

One major mistake that she points out involves drying your hair when it's just been washed with a towel.

Any old towel isn't going to cut it and Lilly advises against "using a regular towel and rubbing it on your hair".

Fellow stylists agree, with one expert telling Huffington Post: "The coarse texture and dryness of a cotton towel can cause damage to the hair.

"The hair shaft can be roughed up during the drying process when you wring out your hair or squeeze it too hard… this can worse split ends."

The rubbing action can actually weaken the hair and noticeable signs of damage include dry hair and frizz.

Instead, it's recommended you dry your hair with a microfibre towel or a T-shirt.

Other hair sins you probably have been committing that Lilly warns against are only getting your locks trimmed once a year, using hairbands with metal that pull on your hair and over-washing your mane.

She also advises against stocking up on shampoos and conditioners that contain "sulfates, alcohol and other damaging ingredients" and never cleaning your hairbrush.

Her video has been watched over 700k times online, with thousands of people commenting keen to know more, after Lilly revealed how little changes to her haircare routine have left her hair "bouncier" than ever.

People confessed that they were guilty of almost all of the mistakes listed, with one person commenting: "I see… I'm making too much mistakes."

Another said: "I literally do all of these."

A third revealed they had taken the advice on board and the hair is already looking much healthier.

They posted: "I've used your tips and although my hair is still like fine/thin (autoimmune disorder) it is sooooo much healthier (sic)."

One more said: "Girl I've been using your tips and my hair is soooo much better! (sic)."

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