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STORING your vegetables in the fridge might seem obvious, but there's one vegetable most of us keep in our cupboards.

But moving it to the fridge could solve all out problems it turns out.

If, like most of us, you simply follow the advice to store potatoes in a dry, cool place – you're not alone.

But that means millions of potatoes go to waste each year since they go off so much quicker.

On average, potatoes can last for up to several weeks in your cupboards, but will last up to three times as long in the fridge.

According to The data from Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) it is no longer advised against to store your spuds in the fridge.

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Lucia Washbrook, sales and marketing director at Branston explained: "With the current climate emergency and the rising cost of living, we need consumers to make changes and follow guidance such as this to seriously tackle food waste in the home, which will also help save them money.”

“Storing potatoes in the fridge should obviously be encouraged, but there are many other ways you can make them last.

"Such as storing them in fabric or paper bags rather than plastic and making sure they are kept in the dark. 

“Those coming towards their end-of-life can be cooked up and frozen into portions ready to use straight from the freezer.” 

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So if you find yourself throwing away potatoes each month, consider moving them to the fridge for a longer life.

And although best before dates are a good indicator of when food is at it's yummiest, it doesn't always mean it's not ok to eat after the date.

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