15-Year-Old Surfer from Australia Dies After Shark Attack: 'Hope Heaven Is Good to You'

Hart-Deville was a member of South Grafton High School, which posted a tribute to him on their Facebook page following his death.

"We have received some sad news about a member of our school community," the school said. "One of our Year 10 students died suddenly and tragically. Our thoughts and heartfelt sympathy are with the student’s family and friends."

South Grafton also provided links to helpline students and friends of Hart-Deville could contact for support.

"Hope heaven is good to you," one commenter reportedly wrote on Hart-Deville's Instagram page, which has now been made private. "We will miss you more than you'll ever know."

Beaches in the area were closed following the attack, and drones and jet skis were subsequently used to help in further investigations, Yahoo News reported. The death is the fifth shark-related fatality in Australia this year, according to the outlet.

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