23 Dad Jokes For Father’s Day Instagram Captions That Are Eyeroll-Worthy & Hilarious

If you’ve been digging through your throwback files in preparation for an epic Father’s Day social media post, you should spend some time thinking about the caption, too. With such a great old photo of your dad, you’re going to need a stand out, on-theme caption that really makes your post a double-tap magnet. Because my favorite posts are funny ones, I’ve put together a list of dad jokes for Father’s Day Instagram captions and I fully stan this punny and sometimes cringe-worthy brand of humor.

Nothing says "Happy Father’s Day" like a joke that’s so awkward and so PG that only a dad could have made it. Celebrate the creative genius that is dad jokes, and all the dads behind them. Because your dad probably isn’t even on Instagram, and if he is, he probably doesn’t know how to use it or find your message, this post is really for your friends. And if your friends are dad joke connoisseurs like my friends are, they’re going to swoon for these captions. Just don’t forget to actually share your well wishes and appreciation with your dad IRL, because we all know those dad appreciation Instagram posts are not for him!

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