8 Best Camping Chairs | The Sun UK

CAMPING chairs are not only useful for camping, but it's a great choice for the park, picnics, outdoor events and even the garden if you don’t want to leave patio furniture out all year round.

Keep a couple in the storage cupboard and you’ll find yourself taking them out for all sorts of reasons.

Generally, you get what you pay for with camping equipment – the more expensive designs tend to be sturdier and will last longer, though there’s no shame in buying budget chairs if you’re only going to be using them occasionally.

On that, one important thing to consider before investing in camping chairs is where you’re going to store them, as some designs, though folding, still take up a fair amount of space.

You’ll also need to think about how comfortable you want to be – many camping chairs sit lower to the ground than normal chairs so can be tricky to get out of, and some aren’t padded so can become uncomfortable after a while.

Our round-up of portable camping chairs brings you some of the most popular designs out there…

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