A new lower sugar Dairy Milk bar is in UK shops now – with 30% less sugar

Remember the classic scene in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory when the kids reach the diet wing of the factory? The bit where Willy trills ‘Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure-imagination. Less sugar, not so sweet, it’s my new diet creaaaaation.’ No?

Well stop imagining this fantasy scene and start living it. Another chocolatier with a passion for purple has rolled out a treat that contains 30% less sugar.

Cadbury’s latest Dairy Milk bar has just reached UK shops, after 20 scientists, nutritionists and of course, chocolate experts, spent three years developing the new formula.

The sugar reduction measure is part of the company’s response to obesity rates in the UK.

‘We’ve recognised that there is an increasing trend for people wanting to manage their sugar intake and that’s why we have worked tirelessly to create a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar,’ Claire Low, Cadbury’s associate marketing director said in a statement.

Sure, most people eating a thick block of Dairy Milk aren’t doing so with the healthiest of thoughts in mind – because delicious chocolate transcends logic – but now at least those on the sugar-cutting bandwagon can sleep a little easier.

The Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar bar clocks in at 35g, making it 22% smaller than the classic bar. The amount of sugar is 39g per 100g in the new bar, compared to 56g per 100g in the original.

So how the heck does it taste? Kev, a UK-based snack reviewer with a drool-inducing Instagram devoted to all things snacks, barely managed to get the bar home without it melting in the heatwave. He weighs in.

‘It definitely has that distinctive Cadbury Dairy Milk Taste, quite creamy but maybe not as rich,’ Kev tells Metro.co.uk. ‘There’s a smoky aftertaste I can’t put my finger on, which could be the added soluble maize fibre.

‘It’s definitely less sweet than a regular bar. Not as bad as I was expecting but I’d still choose a regular Dairy Milk instead.’

The new chocolate bar does not contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives and can be found alongside the classic Cadbury bars for RRP £1.49.

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