Amazon Studios Chief Jennifer Salke Admits Studio Lost Mare Of Easttown In Negotiations, Talks Future Strategy For Global Movies Edinburgh

Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke revealed the streamer pitched for Mare Of Easttown but lost the Kate Winslet-starring cop drama “in negotiations.” Speaking in conversation with James Corden at the Edinburgh TV Festival on Wednesday, Salke admitted that the show, which was created by Brad Ingelsby and eventually went to HBO, was a show she wished Amazon had done.

“We tried hard to get Mare of Easttown and we lost it in negotiation,” revealed Salke. “I do think about the process and I did look back at what our process was going through that because I really, really loved the show and I’m such a fan of Kate’s and I would have been proud to have it on the service.”

In the broad conversation, Corden, who is starring in upcoming Amazon comedy series Mammals with Sally Hawkins, pressed Salke about her long-term vision for the company as well as Amazon’s relationships with international talent.

“I think what you’re going to see is an acceleration of our movie output all over the world, not only for these big, global and original type of movies, but the movies…like the Sylvie’s Love, One Night In Miami and The Sound Of Metal, these kinds of films that are really specific and they are very artist driven and really impactful for us,” said Salke.

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“So you’re going to seen us lean into more of a bigger movie strategy around various types of content and that will be global. And stay tuned for the international growth, which is coming. The teams are building, the relationships are growing, the content is flourishing and more interesting and exciting original content every day.

“We’re hoping really expand our global home for talent and the success we’ve had building that thus far into a bigger international growth strategy.”

Salke noted that the common thread that binds Amazon with international talent such as Phoebe Waller Bridge and Steve McQueen is a “shared vision of elevating talent.”

“They want to elevate talent, they want to discover new voices and filmmakers and they want to find those specific stories that they can help amplify,” she said. “So I’m always really encouraging of younger, newer talent and new voices coming in or even voices who have to be discovered.”

Salke added: “Discovering diverse talent and new voices that we can all share, that’s an opportunity for all of us, my company as well as others.”

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