Antonio Brown Shares Message About ‘Faith’ After Second Woman Accuses Him of Sexual Misconduct

A second woman has accused New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown of sexual misconduct.

Just one week after a federal lawsuit alleged that Brown had sexually assaulted his former trainer, a new Sports Illustrated report uncovered allegations of sexual misconduct from an anonymous female artist.

The day after the Sports Illustrated report was published, Brown shared a message about “faith” to his Instagram, posting a quote that read, in part, “When a challenge arises, I know my divine nature will guide me through.”

Brown captioned the image, “Call God #GoodOrderlyDirection#DrawOnFaith.”

According to Sports Illustrated, Brown purchased a portrait of himself from the anonymous artist at a charity auction in 2017. The athlete then reportedly commissioned her to create another painting of him in a mural at his home.

On her second day working at Brown’s home, according to Sports Illustrated, the artist was kneeling while painting and turned around to see Brown naked behind her, allegedly holding a small towel over his genitals.

Antonio Brown

“I was about 40 percent done on the second day, and I’m on my knees painting the bottom, and he walks up to me butt-ass naked, with a hand cloth covering his [penis] and starts having a conversation with me,” she told the outlet. “Unfortunately, I’ve been tried [by men] a lot of times, so I just kept my cool and kept painting … After that, it all ended abruptly.”

The artist claims Brown paid her $2,000 for her days of work on the mural, but did not pay for the original painting he bought from the charity auction, nor another painting that the artist had brought to his house.

On Tuesday, Brown’s attorney tweeted that the football player had “reviewed the sexual misconduct allegations” and “denies that he ever engaged in such activities.”

The Sports Illustrated report also uncovered other instances of what it called “a pattern of disturbing, sometimes bizarre behavior” from Brown.

In one of numerous examples of this alleged behavior reported in Sports Illustrated, a doctor who took on Brown as a client has now filed a lawsuit seeking $11,500 from Brown, alleging unpaid bills.

According to the magazine, Dr. Victor Prisk said he took his first meeting with Brown in August 2018. The athlete was allegedly three hours late to the appointment, and then passed gas multiple times in the vicinity of Prisk’s face. (Video of the incident was previously obtained by TMZ.)

“It seemed just childish to me,” Prisk told Sports Illustrated. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”

Antonio Brown

The Sports Illustrated report came after the sexual assault allegations made against Brown by his former trainer, identified in the federal lawsuit as Britney Taylor. The lawsuit was filed just hours after it was announced that the Patriots had signed Brown to a one-year contract worth up to $15 million with a $9 million signing bonus.

Taylor alleges that Brown sexually assaulted her on two separate occasions and raped her during a third, according to The New York Times. She met Brown while they were both attending Central Michigan University together. He later hired her as his personal trainer.

According to the civil lawsuit, Taylor alleges that Brown sexually assaulted her twice during training sessions in June 2017, the Times reported. The first time, Brown allegedly exposed himself and kissed her without her permission. That same month, he allegedly masturbated behind her and ejaculated on her back.

In response to the lawsuit, Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, released a statement denying “each and every allegation.”

“He will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name, but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations,” Heitner said, and later added that “any sexual interaction” Taylor had “with Mr. Brown was entirely consensual.”

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