The Mini Bag Is the Season's Biggest Outfit-Maker

The Mini Bag Is the Season’s Biggest Outfit-Maker

Though small, the coveted mini bag packs a mighty punch when it comes to street style. Our favorite bloggers are carrying the trend everywhere, proving that good things do indeed come in small packages. The down-sized bag is ideal for a variety of reasons, but the major key is that it will nix all those unnecessary items you tote around daily. Not only will you be forced to exclusively pack what is actually needed for the day (a pen, your wallet, a single piece of gum), you’ll make a standout statement while you’re at it.

These 12 mini bags are all you’re going to want to carry around this Fall. They’re adorable, and kind of practical, because they force you to really whittle down what you need to be toting around. Once you go mini, you’ll wonder what you were doing before. It’s easy, convenient, and oh-so-cute. You’ve got to shop our picks before they’re sold out!

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