Best McDonalds in world named by chef – who compares it to top restaurants

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    We may not have the biggest McDonald's in the world, but we apparently have the best one.

    This is because a Michelin chef has named one branch in the UK as the 'best McDonald's in the world'

    Being a fast food chain, there are obviously lot of similarities between Maccies restaurants across the globe.

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    However, there's no denying that some outlets just do it better.

    And one of Wales' top chefs – Gareth Ward – said there's one particular UK McDonald's location that's on a 'different level'.

    According to him, the McDonald's in Welshpool, Wales, is the best of the best.

    The foodie runs Ynyshir, a Michelin-star restaurant in Wales that encourages customers to 'arrive with your mind open, ready for an immersive culinary experience in our home'.

    He made the claim in an interview with Wales Online, where he revealed some of his favourite restaurants.

    These included contemporary eatery Baravin in Aberystwyth, known for its top Caesar salad, and Caersws fish bar for some tasty fish and chips.

    However, alongside them, he said Welshpool Maccies is also up there.

    Talking to the outlet, he said: "You're going to laugh at this… Welshpool McDonald's.

    "I'm telling you now, Welshpool McDonald's is on a different level.

    "It's just got different [elements] to everyone else. [It's] just absolutely smashing it.

    "Last time I had a crispy chicken and it definitely had [something like] truffle mayonnaise on it."

    Ward did go on to admit that he didn't really think McDonald's was dishing out the truffles, but insisted it 'tasted like it did'.

    "Everybody I speak to says this is, by far, the best McDonald's in the world," he said.

    "Welshpool McDonald's that's what it's all about."

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