Dad's way of getting son's attention is the TikTok every parent needs to see

Marine veteran and dad of three Devonte Bennett Bey talks with his son in a TikTok video (@TheyCallMePapaBennett)

Why is it so hard to get kids’ attention? Turns out it may be all in the approach.

Marine veteran and dad of three Devonte Bennett Bey said the way parents try to make a point to their children “Isn’t something we talk about or think about.” But recently he’s been trying a new tactic – getting on their level. 

In a TikTok on his account @TheyCallMePapaBennett, Bennett Bey goes from standing tall above his son to then meeting him at eye level. 

“I’ve noticed that when I talk to them at their level they respond better. When I’m at their eye level I can make eye contact better and they can better receive my loving energy and vibrations,” he told Fox News. 

The result, Bennett Bey said, is children who are less intimidated and more willing to take direction. “I can tell they feel more loved,” he said. 

“As parents we don’t often enough think of our children as little people with feelings and emotions,” Bennett Bey told Fox News. “They don’t have control of most things and quite frankly the world can be a scary enough place. They don’t need me with my overbearing presence towering down on them when I want to make a point.”

The Riverside, California, dad said he’s received “nothing but positive feedback” on the video and realized many of his followers used the same approach. His book, “4 Steps to Engaged Fatherhood,” is about the connection that fathers have to their children and the possibilities that open once they build on that connection.

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