Dreamboats & ‘Douche Canoes’: ‘Bachelorette’ Boys Take Scotland

We know you can see yourself starting to fall in love with the hosts of “Here To Make Friends.” Claire Fallon and Emma Gray take stock of this week’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” the steamiest makeout, the milkiest boy — yes, there is one — and the greatest one-liner insult you probably missed because you were too distracted by our winner for best smile. Also: Was the one-on-one with Luke P. the most infuriating date in Bachelor Nation history?

On this week’s Lukeless group date, the boys finally get room to spread their legs — in kilts! After the grueling (and breezy) Highland Games, Hannah’s suitors compete in the Makeout Games. Meanwhile, Luke P. really misreads his date card — and how to salvage his relationship with Hannah. All this has Emma and Claire zeroing in on who could win it all and who might become the next Bachelor.

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