‘Friends’ Creator Sounds Off On New Revival Rumors After Jennifer Aniston Says Cast Would ‘Do It’

Jennifer Aniston recently said the cast of ‘Friends’ so be down for a reunion, and now the iconic show’s creator and executive producer is weighting in with her two cents.

Members of the Friends cast over the years have seemed to become much more warm towards an idea of a show reunion. Jennifer Aniston, 50, even said she’d totally be up for it on a recent stop by Ellen DeGeneres‘ daytime talk show. But as much as the six actors might be willing to hit Central Perk one more time, the show’s creator and Executive Producer Marta Kauffman says it’s never going to happen. When asked by the Associated Press in a June 13 interview if there would be a Friends reunion one day, she “gave a crisp ‘nope.’” Not only has she moved on to create and E.P. Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, she says of the iconic NBC sitcom, “Why mess up a good thing? We wouldn’t want a reunion to disappoint fans.”

Jen got fans’ hopes alive during a June 5 chat with Ellen where she said, “Listen, I told you this: I would do it. The girls would do it. And the boys would do it, I’m sure” referring to Courteney Cox, 54, Lisa Kudrow, 55, David Schwimmer, 52, Matt LeBlanc, 51, and Matthew Perry, 49. It’s too bad Marta isn’t down with the idea because now would be the perfect time to bring the gang back together, as the show has its 25th anniversary this fall. Yep, it’s been a quarter of a century since it premiered on Sept. 22, 1994.

Other cast members besides Jen have seemed to be getting nostalgic for the show that launched them into stardom, Courteney in particular. On May 16 she shared an old cast photo to Instagram showing all six of them aboard a private plane before the show had even premiered and captioned it “The one where the six of us went to Vegas and no one knew we were F.R.I.E.N.D.S yet #tbt #beforeitaired #lovetheseguys.” She also stopped by the Greenwich Village apartment building that was the exterior for their apartment and shared an Instagram video of it along with the caption “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000 #friends #missthosedays.”

As much as the cast can long for a reunion, not only is Marta kiboshing the idea, her fellow co-creator and Executive Producer David Crane summed up exactly why it should never take place. During a a panel hosted by The Wrap in Los Angeles in June of 2018 he adamantly said “Never happening. Never. We did it! It’s done. That’s why you don’t want to see more of it, because it’s all a happy ending.” Oh well, fans have 236 episodes from the 10 years the show aired to keep them content.

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