Gorgeous new photo project shows the many faces of people in Soho

A new photography exhibition captures the many faces of London’s Soho.

Photographer Andrew Leo’s series aims to share the stories of locals from the community – capturing individuals from all walks of life.

Andrew was inspired during a bike ride, back in lockdown, and seeing everyone out on their everyday walks.

He chatted and photographed the residents and listened to their stories for a few hours every day.

The photographer said: ‘I was convinced these flamboyant and interesting-looking people wouldn’t have time for this bloke on his bike – but I was always proved wrong and ended up having lovely long conversations with people.

‘It was like therapy.’

For those looking to get a glimpse at the stunning snaps and interesting stories, Soho Faces will debut today – to coincide with the third anniversary of lockdown – at 98 Berwick Street and run until April 7, with free entry.

The pop-up space has been brought about by This Is Soho and prints will be priced from £125 to £450.

More of the glorious snaps can be found below.

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