Guest mad her best friend didn't invite her boyfriend to her wedding

Guest begs for advice after her best friend didn’t invite her boyfriend of FOUR YEARS to her wedding – so who do you think is in the wrong?

  • A woman has slammed her best friend for not inviting her partner to her wedding
  • The disappointed woman said she had been with her partner for four years
  •  She added that her best friend is friends with her long-term boyfriend

An Australian woman has been left devastated after her life-long best friend decided not to invite her boyfriend of four years to her wedding.

The disappointed friend revealed she was ‘devastated’ by the decision and feels it could ruin their friendship.

‘I have been so excited for the wedding since the day she announced her engagement,’ she said.

The wedding would have been the first she had attended with her boyfriend of four years, which was something she was excited for.

An Australian woman has been left devastated after her life-long best friend decided not to invite her boyfriend of four years to her wedding (stock image) 

‘I am absolutely heartbroken. I know it’s her day and she gets the final say but we’ve been together for four years and they are friends as well,’ she cried.

She then asked for advice on how to go about the situation. 

Most of the readers were sympathetic but agreed the woman should be asking her best friend, not strangers on the internet.

‘She’s your best friend. Just ask her if there is space for him,’ one said before asking if the woman was part of the bridal party.

‘I would take it as a hint that you’re neglecting friendships due to your relationship and she is making sure you’re present in the moment. Which is very fair,’ she said.


Who is in the wrong?

Who is in the wrong?

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‘If she was your best friend like you state, you would be able to talk about anything. You would have already asked her why he isn’t invited or if he can come if you pay for him,’ another added.

One woman said if she can’t bear to go without her boyfriend she shouldn’t go.   

Another said she should ask, but only if she was happy to accept the answer.

‘If there’s a specific reason such as Covid restrictions, budget issues then try to understand her decision as well,’ she said.

Another said not to be surprised if the bride couldn’t afford his seat.  

Most people suggested the woman speak with her best friend – and try to resolve the issue (stock image) 

Some said he could be invited and the plus one could have been implied.

‘Couples usually attend weddings together, so maybe she has assumed he’d be there? You won’t know unless you ask and hopefully it gets resolved quickly I do hope he’s invited as it could lead to awkwardness after the wedding otherwise.’

‘It is a wedding, you get a plus one, who else would you bring. He doesn’t have to be explicitly invited does he?’ asked one. 

Another woman said the bride is sending a clear message she no longer wants to be best friends. 

One suggested she ask the other girls in the friendship group if their partners are invited.

‘She could just want you all on a girl’s table,’ she said. 

Others said she is an adult and can go alone so shouldn’t be making a fuss.

Traditionally it is expected partners be invited if they have been together for more than a year – however wedding etiquette has changed with the global pandemic.   

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