Kate Ferdinand says she 'didn't miss' baby Cree on first night out without him saying 'it was fabulous'

KATE Ferdinand says she "didn't miss" her baby Cree on her first night out without him – saying "it was fabulous".

The ex Towie star, 29, was able to enjoy her first evening out with her friends last month, four months after welcoming Cree with husband Rio Ferdinand.

However, Kate said she "felt like herself again" on the night out and didn't miss him as much as people said she would.

"It was fabulous, I don't know if I'm meant to say that.

"Everyone's like, I've seen lots of people who have been like, 'Oh my God, you must have missed the baby so much.' I was like, no," Kate told The Mirror.

"I had a lovely time, it was really, really good. I thought I'd have a few drinks, I was too scared to drink too much so I had a couple and before you know it was back in the car with my blanket again and my makeup off.

"I was too scared of the hangover! You've got to think of the middle of the night wakeup, it's just not worth it to be honest.

"Nights out are a little bit different at the moment."

Kate recently opened up to The Sun about how she "didn't recognise" her body after giving birth to Cree via a Caesarean section.

The star said: "There are so many things about motherhood that no one tells you. I’d had the baby and I was in this whirlwind of emotion.

“My body was not the body I recognised. I felt really overwhelmed.

“I was feeling really abnormal and I started panicking. ‘Am I meant to be feeling like this?’

“I was so happy but very emotional. And I was looking through social media and thinking, ‘Is this normal? Because no one ever says this’.

“I thought, ‘If I put up a photo of me with my hair and make up done perfect, that is not real and it is not how I feel’.

“I felt like I had to share it. And then it was crazy the amount of people who told me they felt the same. I think that’s why it is right to not share the perfect pictures all the time.

“When you are going through post-pregnancy, you can’t see out of the bubble. You think, ‘I am never going to go back to normal or feel the same again’.

“But you do come out of the other side and you will feel OK.”

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