How Beyoncé Broke Royal Protocol at The Lion King Premiere

Two living legends Beyoncé and Meghan Markle finally met at The Lion King premiere in London last night, and, for a moment, the earth stopped spinning. It was a meeting for the ages, and Queen Bey even called Meghan "my princess" before leaning in for a hug. 

While everything seemed to go off without a hitch, it turns out that Beyoncé actually broke royal protocol during the film's red carpet event. According to Entertainment Tonight, the songstress and Jay-Z disrupted the Sussex's security plan when arriving late (i.e. after Meghan and Harry) to the venue. 

And, when they did arrive, the couple made quite an entrance and "completely upstaged" the royals with bigger cheers from the crowd of fans gathered in Leicester Square. On Twitter, the Beyhive was not apologetic. "She's a queen," one fan explained, while others were still stuck on the fact that their interaction even happened in the first place.

"I plan on replaying this video for the rest of my life," wrote another user of the pair conversing. 

However, judging by Meghan and Harry's conversation with the Carters, they were none the wiser to the breech in protocol. During their brief exchange, they talked about babies, with Harry asking about the twins and Jay-Z offering his own bit of parenting advice. "The best advice I can give you, always find time for yourself," he told the royals. 

Harry even gave an adorable update on Baby Archie, telling Bey and Jay that he's already holding his neck up. Check out the cute clip below: 

After engaging in a bit of small talk with the couple, Beyoncé only had good things to say about them. “They are so sweet," she told reporters. Could this be the new royal Fab Four?

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