‘NCIS’: The Surprising Way Michael Weatherly Says He’s Just Like Tony DiNozzo

Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly played the character Tony DiNozzo for 13 years. During this time, he discovered that he and the character had a lot of similarities. Here’s what Michael Weatherly said about how he and his NCIS character Tony DiNozzo are alike.

Michael Weatherly felt closely connected to each of his TV characters

Throughout his acting career, Weatherly played many differenttypes of characters. One of his first recurring roles was the character CooperAlden in the daytime drama Loving. He told Festival deTélévision de Monte-Carlo he felt a close connection to each of the charactershe played:

I have been very lucky… I started working in my early 20s as an actor, and I worked with a degree of regularity. The first character I did on a soap opera was named Cooper Alden. And I created a whole world of Cooper. And he was real to me. And there was a part of me that was alive in him. And when I left that show, I felt that I very much had resolved it. And then I didn’t really get to play a character again until Dark Angel, and that character, Logan Cale, was very much alive to me. And then, Tony DiNozzo came around. And each of these characters is like a part of my enthusiasm for people and also a reflection of part of me.

Michael Weatherly said NCIS does this best

During an interview with TV line, Weatherly spoke about some of NCIS’ strengths. He said the show had a great balance between humor and emotional depth. According to him, this is what NCIS does best:

Sean [Murray] and I just had lunch and watched [last week’s] episode, which I think is one of the great episodes of our season. [Director] Dennis Smith did a terrific job. Again, he always just makes these great, great shows. It’s fun and light, but also deep and moving and impactful. It’s what NCIS does best, that balance of making you feel good and warming your heart but also making you laugh out loud, hopefully, a couple of times.

The surprising way Michael Weatherly says he’s just like Tony DiNozzo

In his interview with Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo,Weatherly revealed there are similarities between him and his NCIScharacter. He shared that he and DiNozzo have a lot in common. “Tony DiNozzo was15-year-old Michael Weatherly. Pure and simple. Magnum P.I., JamesBond, Girls. That’s it. No politics, nothing to confuse his simplerendering of ‘Isn’t this awesome?’”

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