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DEAR DEIDRE: OUR friend is lodging with us and says he could stay with us forever, but we want him out.

My girlfriend and I are both 28 and my friend from work is 30.

He’s had a bit of a nightmare. He rented a place with his girlfriend, but they fell out over money.

She moved back in with her parents and he had rent arrears so I offered him our spare room until he sorted himself out.

It was supposed to be temporary, but he’s got his feet under the table.

He pulls his weight and does DIY jobs for us – he’s the perfect lodger.

But he paid off his debts, is back with his girlfriend and is living off his credit cards again, buying her gifts and going out for meals. He pays us a peppercorn rent.

We want to be able to walk around naked again. How do we get rid of him?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Honesty is the best policy here. Tell him you’ve loved having him to stay but need to set a moving out date as you don’t want to spoil your friendship.

You’ve given him the chance to get straight so you shouldn’t feel awkward.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself explains assertiveness techniques.


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