Im spending £4,000 on kids at Xmas – I dont need benefits thanks to sex pics

A mum who once scrimped at Christmas says this year will feel very different – as she now banks up to £8,000 a month by selling raunchy pictures.

Laura Whyte and her partner, who grafts as a binman, used to start saving in January to make sure her two kids got all their desired presents from Santa. She survived on £40 a week benefits after having her first child as a teenager, which was tough.

But this year, she is quadrupling her festive spending. And she's even treating her son and daughter, aged 11 and seven, to a holiday immediately after festive period.

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The Scottish babe, who turned to racy modelling after her boyfriend suggested it, spoke to the Daily Star about how she will celebrate what has been a profitable 2023.

She said: “I am actually really excited for Christmas because it’s actually just going to be the four of us. This year will be a lot different because we are managing to take the kids away as part of their Christmas.

“I can also literally just buy them what they are wanting so it is a lot more relaxing. The kids can get what they are needing and I think they are more excited about the holiday.

“The holiday is in Scotland but it is four days away and it is costing £1,000 so I have spent £4,000 and they have got over £1,000 worth of presents each just now.

“It feels amazing that I can actually do something for them and get them stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to get as a kid for financial reasons and I think it is a lot better and I feel a lot better for it.”

Laura, now 30, added that they always coped at Christmas because her boyfriend would put aside whatever cash he could throughout the year.

But she said this time will be “not as stressful” because she has the income to buy luxury items no matter what month it is.

The mum previously spoke to us about how her saucy OnlyFans content changed her life and how she is on the cusp of being able to afford a dream family home in the countryside.

She has been on the subscription site for two years and beforehand was a stay-at-home mum who relied on her partner’s wages to feed the family.

But their fortunes changed when he heard on the radio about a woman doing OnlyFans before encouraging Laura to embark on a similar path.

She acknowledged that she wasn’t consistent with her efforts on the platform to begin with but she eventually started pocketing up to seven and eight thousand every month.

And speaking about how her standard of living has transformed in recent times, she told us: “We can book a holiday without having to worry about bills or anything like that, it has changed things dramatically.

“You wake up less depressed and there is less stress on your plate worrying about where you are going to get money from.

“It is amazing, my daughter gets up every morning and says ‘I love you mummy, we are going on holiday soon’ and she just gets so excited.

“We were getting £40 a week on benefits when my son was born so it is nice for him to get the experience of holidays and things he needs and not have to worry about anything else and he can experience things he didn’t when he was younger.”

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