Kate Middleton To Be Queen? Her Royal Title Revealed When William Takes The Throne

Kate Middleton may be known as the Duchess of Cambridge at the moment, but her title will change as Prince William gets closer to the throne. William, who is second in line to the crown, will become the Prince of Wales when his father, Prince Charles, takes the throne. When that happens, Middleton will become the Princess of Wales. But will Middleton take the title of Queen when William inherits the crown?

Middleton will get a new title

Once Prince William becomes the King of England, Kate Middletonwill be granted a new title and additional responsibilities. But when it comesto naming her Queen, Middleton will never receive those honors.

According to Express,the title of Queen is only for people who are born a royal. When William takesthe throne, Middleton will be called Queen Consort, just like Prince Philip isalso a consort.

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Although she will never be known as Queen, Middleton willreceive her own coronation in honor of her new title. The ceremony, however,will not be on the same scale as William’s coronation. She will also berequired to fulfill additional responsibilities, and whenever she appears inpublic, she will be received on the same level as the King.

Kate Middleton will be expected to join William during public engagements, though she will have her own schedule to fill as well. Although Middleton will carry the weight of monarchy wherever she goes, she will not have the same political authority as William.

Middleton joins the royal family

Middleton’s parents are Michael and Carole Middleton, who used to work as a flight dispatcher and flight attendant, respectively. In 1987, when Kate Middleton was five years old, the pair started their own party supply business called Party Pieces. The company proved a huge success and is now worth over $30 million. Middleton also has a sister, Pippa Matthews, and a brother, James Middleton, both of whom are younger.

Royal watchers may recognize Pippa and James, whooccasionally appear alongside their sister at royal events. Middleton’s lifewas forever changed, of course, when she met William while attending St.Andrews in the early 2000s.

Kate Middleton and Prince William started out as friends,but their relationship quickly turned romantic. They reportedly started datingsometime in 2003, though they did experience a few hurdles early on in theirrelationship. They broke up in 2007 only to get back together a few monthslater. William popped the big question in 2010 during a romantic getaway inKenya.

The couple tied the knot inside Westminster Abbey in 2011.Over 26 million people around the world watched them exchange vows in whatproved a gorgeous ceremony. Upon her marriage into the royal family, Middletonwas granted the title of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Queen Elizabeth gives Kate Middleton new role

At the end of June, Kensington Palace revealed that QueenElizabeth had given Middleton a brand new title. Her Majesty has been thepatron of the Royal Photographic Society since 1952, a role she has officially handeddown to Middleton. The new role fits Middleton perfectly. The Duchess ofCambridge has always considered herself an amateur photographer and has apassion for the arts.

She is also a patron of the National Portrait Gallery inLondon, so the new role should fit in nicely with her other duties. Last year, KateMiddleton opened up about her experience in photography and revealed that shehas a passion for taking photographs of children.

Middleton has been gradually taking on more responsibilitiesover the past few years. She is expected to continue that trend in the comingyears so that she is prepared to take on the role of Queen Consort once Williambecomes King.

Inside sources claim that Queen Elizabeth has been teaching Middletonall about her duties and responsibilities as a means of preparing her for the job.Middleton, of course, will have plenty of time to get ready for moreresponsibilities as William will inherit the crown after his father.

Kate Middleton has not commented on becoming Queen when PrinceWilliam takes the throne.

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