Let's Go Behind the Scenes with Tiffany Haddish at Her Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot

Tiffany Haddish, a forever charming multi-hyphenate, has graced the cover of Cosmopolitan’s 2022 Travel Issue, and it’s safe to say she slayed it. Not to be dramatic, but we are witnessing historic, “can’t stop staring,” levels of glam here. Since we are oh-so generous, we’ve got an extra sneak peek behind the scenes of this stunning cover shoot, because you deserve it 😘.

While on set, Tiffany answered our official Cosmo Quiz questions, and you’ve gotta hear just how outrageous her responses get. Ever heard of a man with “smedium” D? Well that’s the kind of guy Tiff prefers to vacay with, just in case you happened to be wondering. Tiff also guards her astrology info just as heavily as her Social Security number, which is totally valid. Be sure to check out all of her hilarious answers and jaw-dropping looks in this episode of The Cosmo Quiz, and you can read Tiffany’s amazing full cover story here!

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