M&S shoppers baffled over white pearl strawberries that taste like pineapple

M&S shoppers are baffled by 'white pearl' strawberries that are not red – and are pineapple flavoured.

Forget your bog standard fruit that is often paired with a meringue or Pimms because the supermarket chain have reinvented how we all know and love strawberries.

Exclusive to M&S, the punnet of the nutritious sweet food are new upon the store shelves ready for inquisitive customers to devour.

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However, not everyone is so convinced on the appearance of the drained-of-colour strawberries.

And, it's not just the look of the one of your five-a-day that has got people confused.

The taste of the 'white pearl' strawberries have also been altered. Described on the packaging as "pink blushed strawberries with a pineapple aroma and hint of vanilla", foodies have already shared their thoughts before they dare to try.

Users on Facebook group 'Snack Reviews' certainly had a some strong opinions after a snap was posted to their 239,000 members.

One person commented: "They look weird." Another user added: "I’m dead confused why have I never seen a white strawberry."

While third voiced: "Sound nice but I couldn’t.

"A strawberry is red – end of."

Someone else wrote: "We need to try these but they're kinda freaking me out."

Meanwhile, a fifth shared: "Mind boggled."

The official M&S Instagram page explained: "These are not just any strawberries… these are NEW Collection White Pearl™ M&S strawberries!

"These gorgeous berries have a white base colour even when perfectly ripe, making them look like typical strawberries in reverse!

"They’re sweet like red strawberries, with notes of pineapple and vanilla."

If you fancy a taste of the unusual fruit then you can grab a punnet or two from the M&S Foodhall now.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the white strawberries – would you give them a try?


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