My bridezilla friend said I ruined her wedding photos because of how I look

A woman was fuming when she was accused of "ruining" her former friend's wedding photos.

Casey Costa, from US, angered the bride by being significantly shorter than the other bridesmaids

The TikToker said her friend used "every opportunity to diss" her – from embarrassing her during the speeches to cutting her out of pictures at the reception.

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Casey, who recalled another issue after her pal got engaged, nicknamed her "Cruella de Vil".

"When Cruella de Vil was getting married, she only wanted her bridal party to be blondes," she said.

"So she asked me to be a bridesmaid and then the rest of her bridal party were her sorority sisters from back in college.

"The best part is that when she received her final wedding photos, she texted me furious.

"So angry with me that I ruined her wedding photos because I am tiny – I am short, I am only 4'10".

"She was like 'I can't even f***ing use these! You're so f**king short! I can't even f***ing post these!'

"And I was like 'crop me out, I'm at the end anyway'."

Casey said she and other women in the bridal party were no longer friends with the bride.

Viewers were shocked by the bride's reaction, with one saying: "Pretty sure you're 4'10 when she sent out the invitation."

"Negative Nancy for sure. God made you as perfect as they come," a second wrote.

"Did she not look at her party beforehand and see the height difference? Like…. what?" a third asked.

The TikToker had "more tea to spill" about the wedding drama too.

She responded: "That's why I was so upset that I was being punished for my height. She clearly didn't like me."

Casey said her then-friend had also sent out an email asking her to make a speech at the wedding reception.

But she didn't include her name in the running order, which made it look like she was trying to steal attention on the big day.

Casey added: "She made me look like I grabbed the mic and took over the house."



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