My ex is trying to rewrite history and now my kids are calling me a liar

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M 60 and being haunted by my past.

My abusive ex-husband has come back into my family’s lives, 25 years after I left him, and he’s ruining our happiness.

While we were married, he beat me and cheated on me.

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We had three children together and after I left, he said he wanted nothing to do with them.

He didn’t even send a Christmas card. Luckily, my new partner was a brilliant stepdad.

Last week, out of nowhere, my ex’s current wife sent my daughter a drunken friend request on social media.

When my daughter tried to accept, she blocked her.

But my daughter was curious and found the woman’s daughter – her half-sister – instead.

It turned out she didn’t know about her dad’s first family. The girl was totally flabbergasted. She said my ex had been a great dad.

My ex, now 60, then called me and denied ever abusing me.

My kids are upset and angry, and think I’ve lied and prevented them from having a relationship with their dad. I’m reeling.

DEIDRE SAYS: This is the time to talk to your children openly and honestly about the past.

Your children are taking out their frustrations on you as you are the present parent.

You don’t need to have a relationship with your ex any more – you have escaped his abuse.

You probably tried to protect them from the hurt but now you do need to be frank with them before your ex rewrites history.


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