Older man I met online is a horrible creep who put his hands down my trousers

DEAR DEIDRE:A GUY I met on Facebook went from telling me he was self-harming because I wouldn’t sleep with him to telling my secrets to a 17-year-old and asking her to talk dirty to him. I feel so hurt and used.

I switch between thinking I hurt someone who loved me to thinking he was a horrible creep who groomed me and only wanted sex with me.

I’m an 18-year-old girl. I got chatting online to this guy who is 46. He initiated the sexy talk.

I thought it would be a laugh to go along with it I’m lonely and just wanted friendship, though my friends questioned what I was doing and how dodgy he seemed.

He finally persuaded me to meet by sending photos of how he’d harmed himself, but he grabbed hold of my face to kiss me and put his hands down my top and trousers.

I pushed him off then blocked him. People say I was groomed. Do you think I was?

DEIDRE SAYS: This man preyed on your vulnerability and sexually assaulted you. Blocking him was right.

Talk to Rape Crisis, which helps those who have been sexually assaulted (rapecrisis.org.uk, 0808 802 9999).

Then you can decide whether to report him to the police.

My e-leaflet Staying Safe Online will help too.

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