Olivia Pierson Meets With a Matchmaker & Ends Up in Tears! Find Out Why

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make which Pierson a match?

In this clip from Tuesday’s all-new Relatively Nat & Liv, Olivia Pierson joins mom Julia Pierson for a meeting with a matchmaker. While the mother-daughter duo is meeting with the love guru for the Pierson matriarch, the matchmaker seems far more interested in Liv’s romantic life.

“So, do you want to have a baby some day?” the matchmaker grills the fashionable influencer.

Although the E! personality admits that she’d like to be a mom, she makes it clear that she is in no rush to have a baby as she’s happily focusing on career goals. “I’m really enjoying my independence and having my own thing and not relying on a man for everything,” Natalie Halcro‘s cousin explains.

Still, the love expert pushes that “timing is everything.” Understandably, this unexpected pressure leaves the reality TV star somewhat defensive.

Not only does Liv note that she’s “not even there right now,” she claims she doesn’t “give a f–k to date anyone.”

“I’m not looking. I don’t need a man,” a frustrated Liv emotionally relays. “I’m just sick of it. And I’m sick of feeling like I need help, like something’s wrong with me. You know?”

Little to the matchmaker’s knowledge, Liv has joined her mother at this meeting to distract from her own age.

“I brought my mom here to take my mind off of my age and where I am with my personal life,” Liv confesses to the Nat & Liv camera. “We are here for Mom. I want nothing to do with this.”

Watch the awkward meeting play out in the clip above!

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