'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Just Said He Knows 'A Lot' About Where Marvel Is Headed

Marvel fans may still be mourning over Avengers: Endgame, but it’s time to wipe the tears and saddle up for more MCU fun. Tom Holland is reprising his role as Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and we couldn’t be more excited to see him take the lead once more as one of the most beloved superheroes of our time. Not only has Holland proven himself to be an excellent superhero and Peter Parker, but he’s also made a name for himself for giving a little too much information about what Marvel has in store for the future.

Fans of the MCU are wary that Holland may throw out a spoiler or two during interviews, but it seems he actually has some exciting news that fans will want to hear regarding what Marvel is planning for the future. Here’s what the star recently said.

Tom Holland has officially played Spider-Man more than any other actor

While it feels like Holland just popped into the MCU recently as compared to some of the other Marvel veterans, he’s already played the role of Spider-Man more than any other actor thus far. And while he certainly had stiff competition when compared to the other Spider-Mans of the past (we can’t forget the great performances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield), there’s no doubt he’s made the hero and Peter Parker completely his own. “It’s an amazing experience as an actor and such a privileged experience as an actor to get to play a character that you love so much, time and time again,” Comicbook.com reports Holland said.

With Far From Home making its arrival in theaters, will Holland wish to reprise the role once again in other MCU-related films? Fans sure hope so — though he’s mentioned in the past that he wishes to play a multitude of characters and perhaps direct films one day. “The 20-year goal is to be a film director. The 15-year goal is to win an Oscar. The five-year goal is to just keep enjoying myself. I really am having the time of my life,” he said during a 2017 interview with Interview Magazine.

He just spilled that Marvel is headed in a unique and diverse direction

While we’re not so sure what Holland will be up to in the next 10 to 15 years, it seems the actor is confident in the direction Marvel intends to go. During an interview with Out Magazine, Holland mentioned he’s not so sure what’s going on with Spider-Man — but he does know that Marvel plans on being way more inclusive with the types of characters they’re bringing to the screen.

“I do know a lot about the future of Marvel, and they are going to be representing lots of different people in the next few years,” he said. Holland also added, “The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy,” and, “… these films need to represent more than one type of person.” Holland even added that he doesn’t think Spider-Man has to be straight, either, even though the character has a history of falling in love with women. Out also hypothesizes that Marvel’s The Eternals will have plenty of queer characters for their large fan base to connect with.

What’s next for Marvel after Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Now that Holland has laid down some food for thought, what can we expect from Marvel after the hype for Far From Home has died down? According to Screen Rant, Black Widow is expected to be released next in May 2020. The publication notes the film is a prequel and will give some background information on the much-loved Natasha Romanoff. After this film, it’s suspected The Eternals will be next, followed by Black Panther 2 in 2021. It’s safe to say we can expect diversity in all three of these casts.

As for Holland, when will he return on screen after Far From Home? We’re not totally sure — but fans certainly hope they’ll be seeing him again soon.

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