Poshmark Just Launched A Home Market & I’m Already Obsessed with it

Poshmark is already the perfect place to update your wardrobe, but it’s about to be for so much more. Starting Tuesday, Poshmark will launch its new Home Market, allowing its 40 million members to buy and sell everything from bedding to wall art.

The move toward offering sellers the chance to list home furnishings and accessories is as natural a one as it seems: According to Tracy Sun, co-founder and Senior Vice President of New Markets, the new Poshmark Home Market is a “natural next step” for the brand. Sun tells Bustle that this expansion will only add to the already thriving Poshmark community. “When we think about expansion, we’re constantly thinking does this makes the life of our community better?” Sun says. “And in the case of home, the answer was a resounding yes.”

Poshmark, an online-only market that connects users to about five million sellers and stylists, already has more than 75 million fashion items for sale. With the launch of the Home Market, sellers will get to grow their business by listing items under eight new umbrella categories, which include accents, wall art, holiday, bedding, bath, party supplies, office, and storage.

Sun tells Bustle that when discussing expansion, the Poshmark team was “constantly thinking about our core values," and how Poshmark is more than just a place for people to shop.

"If you think about Poshmark and what we’re really successful in doing, it’s this ability to have our sellers connected to each other and to their shoppers and really connect on style, creativity, inspiration," Sun says. "They are sharing ideas back and forth, and that is the heart of how our platform works."

When adding a new market, Sun wanted to be sure they were enhancing this community. She believes that the Home Market is the perfect addition to foster fresh conversations about style and design.

“I’m hearing more and more this desire for people to not settle for mediocre home decor that doesn’t express their personality. So they’re reaching out to one another asking for help and saying, how can I do this?” Sun says. “So I’m excited that [the Home Market] can be a platform where those conversations can take place.”

The home expansion builds upon the Posh Markets feature that launched in July 2018. Posh Markets allow people to join what Sun calls “subcommunities,” creating niche markets like luxury or maternity items that users can bond over.

“As Poshmark grows, [the Posh Markets] are a way to connect with other people around your specific interests,” she says. “We enable people to … have that really immersive experience where they can connect and follow and interact— and then eventually maybe buy and sell— around special interests.”

Sun hopes that the Home Market will give the Poshmark community even more to talk about, allowing them to “fuel their passion” in new ways.

“We can connect people that are like-minded, have them share ideas, inspire each other, and then bring that back to their home where they can enhance their style,” Sun says.

Next time you are looking for a new throw pillow, or have the urge to revamp your living room, rest assured that Poshmark has your back.

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