Schoolkids taught social media safety in modern ‘stranger danger’ fightback

Schoolkids will get lessons on Instagram use under a Government blitz on social media safety.

The move is part of new mental health education classes to be compulsory from September 2020.

“Instagrammer” pupils will learn the importance of keeping profiles private and free of surnames, ages, phone numbers and emails. They will also be advised to turn location settings off to stop predators tracking them down.

A Department for Education source said: “We are seeing teens using Instagram in all sorts of ways and most parents don’t have a clue because they were brought up in a different time.

“It’s about teaching stranger danger again but this is now online. Teens use finstas – fake Instagram – accounts, which they share with friends to post content considered a bit dodgy.

"They run these alongside rinstas – real Instagram – accounts, so if parents do a spot check everything will show as squeaky clean. Teachers will go into detail about the dangers of doing this.”

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