Shop worker spends half his wages on ‘virtual girlfriend’ who strips for him

A supermarket worker has revealed he spends $8,000 (£6,500) a year to speak to his pregnant "virtual girlfriend" on webcam.

Channel 4 documentary Adventures in Futureland: Virtual Sex explores the world of digital sex, including virtual reality porn, where avatars interact with clients in 3D.

In the first episode, comedian and filmmaker, Jamali Maddix met 23-year-old Missy who has been webcamming for five years.

And while she was live streaming, the pair caught up with Nathan – a long-standing private client of Missy's.

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"There's Nathan, Nathan has been my regular for years," Missy shouts while sporting a beaming smile.

The punter has been paying for private sessions with the webcam girl for some five years but admitted he prefers her companionship.

He said: "I prefer her brain over her body."

But when he was asked what it is about webcam girls that makes him spend so much money, he said: "Not webcam girls, just her.

"It's a strong friendship."

The supermarket worker revealed he earns $20,000 (£16,343.40) a year.

He spends close to half of that on Missy, forking out £6,500 annually.

Nathan added: "It's worth it to spend time with her, to talk to her. It's absolutely worth it."

The shop worker went on to admit that the relationship he holds with Missy is not dependant on the sexual aspect but rather the companionship they share.

"She has an absolutely gorgeous body, but I like her mind a little more," he said.

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Nathan told Jamali that his family and friends are aware of his relationship with Missy, stating: "They're all happy that I'm happy.

"It's like having a long-distance best friend and sometimes, if I need it, she can be a long-distance girlfriend."

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