Shoppers crack up over Marks & Spencer Harry Potter Xmas range, claiming chocolate wand resembles something VERY rude

MARKS & Spencer has released a new Harry Potter range in time for Christmas – and it has left shoppers cackling.

Because they think the £5 chocolate wand, part of a bigger selection of edible treats, looks like something really rude.

A woman shared the range on Facebook page Extreme Coupon and Bargains UK Group.

She said: "They should be available in your local Marks & Spencer. They came out in the store I work in today."

They include a £12 advent calendar, but people were most taken by the chocolate wand.

One woman wrote on Facebook: "Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a sex toy?"

Another said: "Ohhhh myyyy haha."

Another said: "Am I the only one who thinks the wand looks very wrong?"

Someone else said: "Chocolate wand, more like…"

Meanwhile a mum turned her cupboard-under-the-stairs into a Harry Potter paradise for her step-daughter & she LOVES having her own space.

And Pandora launches new Harry Potter charm range including Hedwig, the Sorting Hat & the Deathly Hallows.

Plus Primark has just launched a gorgeous Harry Potter stationery range from £2 and it’s perfect for the new school term.

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