Slash water bills with shower head that saves nine litres per minute

Martin Lewis explains how to save money on your water bills

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The cost of living crisis is in full swing and households across the country are feeling the pinch. But there are ways to make savings on your water bills. The experts at Premier Care in Bathing shared some simple tips for using less water – and in turn less money.

Take shorter showers

The first tip was a very easy one but one that many of us forget – take shorter showers.

Many of us use the shower as a place to unwind and we spend a needlessly long time in there, listening to music and dillydallying.

However, being stricter with your timings can conserve a lot of water over time.

Swap your shower head

Fitting an AAA shower head is another easy way to cut costs – saving roughly nine litres per minute in the shower.

Speaking about this water-saving tool, Enviro Friendly explained: “The ‘secret’ is a brilliant system that inserts an air bubble into the droplets of water, making the water stick to you and not bounce off like ordinary shower heads.

“The air bubble droplets cling and flow over your body like a warm champagne overcoat, spraying a strong gentle flow.”

Get creative with shower water

Another way households can save money on water bills is by being savvy with shower water.

The water that runs cold for a few seconds before warming up for a shower can be collected in a bucket rather than going straight down the drain.

You can then get creative with this, as it can be used for cleaning around the house and watering plants in the garden.

Use the bath sparingly

Next up is limiting baths to special occasions, for prime relaxation mode, rather than part of your everyday routine.

Not only will this save British households a great deal of money over the months – a full bath uses 80 litres of water, according to Statista – but treat baths will also feel all the more special.

For those precious bath occasions, be sure not to overfill the bath unnecessarily.

Remember the tap

If you are keen to conserve your water, turn the tap off sooner, filling it up just enough so it just covers your body when lying down.

Something probably all of us are guilty of is running a bath only to walk as far away from it as possible when it is filling up.

However, oftentimes we return to our baths too hot, too cold, or too full.

Staying near the bath and checking on it regularly will also save the pennies.

One needless bath cost comes when we run a tub that’s far too hot and then need to top it up with cold water.

Perfect the plug

The experts’ next money-saving tip was to check your bath plug for any looseness.

A plug that lets water escape is one that is going to cost households money over time.

Investing in a better, sturdier plug means no more losing water and topping it up again once you’re in.

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