Your Halloween Tarot Card Reading, by Zodiac Sign

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Happy Halloween, y’all! And after you’ve partied, it’s time to chill. Do all of your “tricks” now, and then it’s a week of “treats.” The Ten of Wands warns of burnout. We all need to take a pause and look at our energy and stress levels this week. How are you coping? Are you taking on too much? Decide for yourself, and then act on your conclusion. You’ve got cosmic permission to do less. Streamline your to-do list. Anything that’s not urgent can wait until next week—or next month. Give yourself time, space, and permission to rest.

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As a cardinal fire sign, you are not averse to making big decisions and taking risk. In fact, you enjoy the thrill of entering the unknown. And yet, you’ve been procrastinating about something important, and this could turn into a blockage if you don’t get moving. Focus your attention on this outstanding decision this week with the cut-to-the-chase Two of Swords. Get to the crux of the matter, consider the options, and decide.


Taurus, you are getting Eight of Wands energy this week, which means you’re going to be at the center of everything. Expect opportunities, invitations, news, gossip, information, and interesting ideas to flow freely. Say “yes” to everything. Make the most of this surge and get involved as much as possible. Whatever you begin now could propel you a long way forwards into the future. This is an important week of networking and communication.


When we think about the future, we usually focus on what is likely to change. The Ten of Pentacles asks you to think about your future in a different way this week—and act accordingly. Instead of anticipating change, think about what is likely to remain the same, stable, and reliable in your life. What structures, rules, people, and needs are constant in your world? Build on what you know is likely to remain still and steadfast.


It’s time to remove people or situations that bring you negativity, worry, stress or harm. It’s time to let go of toxic connections. It’s time to heal. The Three of Swords gives you total permission to extract yourself from anything that makes you feel bad. Why carry on, anyway? Why persist in giving more to something that hasn’t rewarded what you’ve given already? Know your worth, trust your instincts, and protect your heart. You deserve better.


Leo, you’re on fire this week! The Magician sees you in a highly creative mood. You’re able to use your talents to create something unique and irresistible. Use your energy to MAKE something, whether it’s a poem, a presentation, or your own business. I know you will find success here, so I hope you take this advice and manifest this magic for yourself!


Hello Virgo, did you know you have a secret admirer? And no, they’re nothing like Joe from You. This admirer is someone who genuinely knows and likes your personality and character. They’ve gotten to know you through something related to work, home, or health (The gym? Your kickball league?). Notice those who smile shyly or try to say hi. The Three of Pentacles reveals that this person could become a great friend, and maybe something more.


Live in the moment, Libra. The Three of Cups brings a sense of urgency and spontaneity to your world. You want to get involved in what’s going on right now, rather than spending more time planning ahead. So get things moving. Seize new opportunities as they arise. Be active, hopeful, and present. A great week awaits you.


Adventure awaits! The Knight of Wands always brings a good time…even if it comes with plenty of risk! Scorpio, you’re no wallflower. Go ahead and join this Knight on some kind of wild adventure this week, wherever it may take you. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and live life to the max. It’s that kind of week.


Don’t let them put you off of this, Sagittarius. Don’t be talked out of tackling this project or applying for this role or activating this relationship just because there might be a few issues to resolve. The Nine of Wands reassures you that you can handle whatever lies ahead. You can untangle the chaos, solve the problem, bring peace to the conflict, and fix the broken pieces. Don’t let a good thing get away just because it’s not perfect right now.


The Ace of Wands is an invitation to start something pleasing, rewarding, and inspiring this week, Cap. Maybe it’s a new class, a vacation, a friendship, or a hobby. You’ve probably already been looking into this, and something will arise this week that you need to be ready to respond to. Focus on the things you’re hoping to introduce into your world and know that they will come into view this week. They’re ready for you to manifest them IRL.


Aquarius, you’ve come a long way and overcome a great deal. Take a moment this week to review your 2022 and notice the highlights, lowlights, lessons, and opportunities. Get it all in perspective and work on your “narrative” of the year. The Strength tarot card shows that there is a lot for you to process. You have grown more this year than you realize. You deserve to stop and acknowledge the journey. Do this, and the themes and goals for 2023 will be much clearer.


Ready for a transformative week, Pisces? The Wheel of Fortune promises that and more. It’s a great week to make a major change yourself. Focus on one big thing, and know that whatever you activate will likely gather momentum and take on a life of its own. Trust in the universe. Know that you’re going to land in the right spot, even if it’s a bumpy ride. The Wheel of Fortune always bring surprises!

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