The private island used in all the Fyre Festival promo is up for sale

Hey, remember all those dreamy videos promoting Fyre Festival?

You know, the ones that showed a private island packed with models, when our hopes were not yet dashed by an abysmal cheese sandwich.

While Fyre Festival may not have delivered the reality it promised, it turns out you can actually live out that island dream… if you have a spare $11.8million (£9.3million).

Yep, the private Caribbean island from the Fyre Festival promo, called Saddleback Cay, is now officially on sale through Bahamas realtor HG Christie.

To be clear, this isn’t the island that actually hosted Fyre Festival – that was Great Exuma. This is the island that was in all the promotional videos to get people to buy tickets.

It’s also not an island formerly owned by Pablo Escobar, despite what Billy McFarland and Ja Rule may have claimed.

It is a lovely place, though, spanning 35 acres and including seven beaches.

The press surrounding the festival has brought a lot of attention to the cay, so it might actually get a buyer pretty speedily.

But whoever ends up buying the island will need to be prepared to do quite a lot of development work – there’s currently just one home and some cottages included in the offer.

If you do fancy living out the secluded private island dream, though, this might be a good shout.

It’s within easy access by boat or by air from New Providence, and is near Normans’ Cay, which has an airport.

The listing reads: ‘Located just north of Normans’ Cay lies the incredibly private island known locally as Saddleback Cay, named thus for the saddle shape the island assumes when viewed from the sea.

‘With over 90 feet of elevation, it has a commanding 360 degree view from one of the highest points in the Exumas. This guarantees some compelling views over one of the best seascapes in the world!

‘Saddleback Cay has seven major and minor beaches, the nicest of which faces the prevailing Southerly Winds. The physical property includes a main house, and several ancillary cottages (guests and servants quarters).

‘The island is conveniently located to some of the best bone fishing and deep water fishing spots in all of the Bahamas. Nearby you will find a wonderful sandbank that appears twice a day out of the sea with the falling of the tides, which makes a wonderful spot to for a trip.

‘Islands like this one rarely come on the market and represent a great opportunity to own an iconic private island the world-famous Exuma Cays.’

Sounds snazzy. If you’ve got enough money to make an offer, you can get in touch through the HG Christie website.

Please don’t use your new island to host a poorly thought-out festival.

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