Wait, Does Ariana Grande Have a Boyfriend?

Ariana Grande's brother is making some conflicting statements about her relationship status.

She was last reported to be dating her Social House collaborator Mikey Foster, which her brother Frankie Grande initially seemed to confirm, only to clarify that his sister is actually "very much single." 

On Wednesday, he had told reporters at The Game Changers premiere in Los Angeles that he had a “date night” with his boyfriend Hale Leon, Ariana, and Foster, which consisted of a “game night with board games” and was “a lot of fun.”

However, he clarified things in a now-deleted tweet screenshoted by Cosmopolitan, which read, “My sister is not in a relationship. Everyone relax. She is very much single.”

He added in a statement to People, “Ariana and Mikey Foster are not in an official relationship, and my comments about our recent hang as friends were not meant to be taken literally.  Hale and I were on a date, which is why I referred to it as a double-date when we had plans with them, without realizing what the term insinuated about THEIR relationship outside of my own. It was literally four people meeting up as friends, and I would never comment on something so personal about her life anyway.”

Grande and Foster collaborated on a song coincidentally titled "Boyfriend," and rumors of a romance first came about when he posted a sweet tribute for her birthday on Instagram, writing, “Ur one of the most incredible people the universe has to offer. I hope this year offers u nothing but the joy u deserve. Love u. happy birthday." (Grande had commented, writing, "love u sooooooo much.")

If Frankie's statement is anything to go by, however, it sounds like life didn't imitate art in this case. 

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