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IT’S time to test your kettle – and see if its up to the cost of brewing crisis.

With the price of electricity rising, not all kettles deliver cups of tea for the same cost efficiency.

So we tested eight kettles to see which one will cut the cost of your cuppa.

There are innovations, such as a vacuum kettle which keeps the water hot for four hours without using extra watts, and ones that heat to lower temperatures if you fancy a green tea.

We used an energy monitor to measure how many kilowatts each of them consumed.

So who lifted the cup for a budget busting brew?


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Breville Bold Kettle, £22

THIS isn’t one for silent types – it is a noisy kettle that lets you know when it is working up a steam.

But it is pretty swift to reach 100 degrees. The gloss ridged textured finish may not be to everyone’s taste.

One cup: 45 seconds (37kWh costing 1p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: 3 minutes and 36 ­seconds (179kWh costing 5p)

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Vektra Series 1 Kettle, £74.95

THIS eco-friendly vacuum kettle takes a while to boil but it should help lower your electricity bills as the water stays hot for up to four hours without using any more energy.

It is pricey, though.

One cup: 1 minute and 20 seconds (38kWh costing 1p)
Full 1.5litre kettle: 4 minutes and 48 seconds (142kWh costing 3.9p

Bosch Styline Kettle, £64

THE advantage with the innovative Styline is that you can heat the water to lower temperatures such as 70 degrees.

It was also the fastest to reach boiling point, leaving drinkers waiting just 37 seconds.

One cup: 37 seconds (37kwh costing 1p)
Full 1.5litre kettle: 3 minutes and 4 seconds (154kWh costing 4.3p)

Tower Cavaletto Kettle, £34.99

THIS “rapid boil” kettle lived up to its promise to boil enough water for one cup of tea in “under 45 seconds.”

Lookswise there were some admiring glances at the copper trim and the matte black is particularly stylish.

One cup: 44 seconds (38kWh costing 1p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: 3 minutes and 29 seconds (176kWh costing 4.9p)

Cookworks Variable Temperature Glass, £41

THE blue lighting is eye-catching, which is handy because you’ll need something to look at while you wait for it to boil.

The second slowest and least energy efficient of the eight tested.

One cup: One minutes and 12 seconds (43kWh costing 1.2p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: Four minutes and 54 seconds (180kWh costing 5p)

Russell Hobbs Groove Kettle, £35

THIS kettle claims to “save up to 66 per cent energy” by boiling the water super-fast and it does use the least energy of all the kettles.

At £35 its not the cheapest but it could pay off in the long run.

One cup: 42 seconds (35kWh costing 0.98p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: 3 minutes and 25 seconds (174 kWh costing 4.8p)

Cookworks Plastic Kettle, £13.50

PROBABLY the cheapest kettle you can buy at £13.50, the Cookworks is also surprisingly energy efficient, using 38kWh to boil one cuppa.

If you are looking for all-round cost effectiveness this gets a thumbs up.

One cup: 44 seconds (38kWh costing 1p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: 3 minutes and 28 seconds (178kWh costing 4.9p)

Asda George Fast Boil Scandi Kettle, £24

CHIC, quick and cheap, Asda is ticking lots of boxes with its sleek, matte white and wood effect kettle.

The Scandi is one of the most eco-friendly in terms of watts consumed – and it looks good, too.

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One cup: 44 seconds (37kWh costing 1p)
Full 1.7litre kettle: 3 minutes and 40 seconds (179kWh costing 5p)

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