Which TV Shows are Renewed and Which Are Canceled?

Hit your bookmark button now! Between now and the end of May, each network will be announcing their fall 2019 schedules, revealing which shows will be returning with new seasons and which will be axed. Of course, there’s always the chance of another network saving a canceled show – a la Last Man Standing – or a show heading to streaming.

Before we dive in, let’s highlight a few shows that are coming to an end this year. These aren’t canceled, per se, but instead will wrap up. After 12 seasons on CBS, The Big Bang Theory will end with its one-hour final episode on May 16. After five seasons, The CW’s Jane the Virgin will end with its 100th episode in July.

In early April, The CW also wrapped up Crazy Ex-Girlfriend after four seasons; Fox’s fifth and final season of Gotham aired; and FX’s You’re the Worst said goodbye after five seasons. Over the summer, The CW’s iZombie will bid farewell after five seasons. HBO will also see some big endings this year: In May, Game of Thrones will come to a dreaded end after eight intense seasons, as will Veep after seven seasons.

Although some series are still on the bubble, by the end of May, all will be revealed. Scroll through our gallery below – by network – to see the status of your favorite shows.

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