Woman discovers secret note hidden inside bed frame at AirBnB

A woman was amazed when she stayed at an AirBnB and discovered a secret letter hidden inside the bed frame.

Explaining what happened in a TikTok video, @shawna_morris pans the camera around to show the "cute little cabin" she and her boyfriend had hired for their getaway in Vermont.

Shawna then shows the bed and a brass cap has been removed from one of the four bedposts.

The TikTok user explained: "I noticed this was not sturdy and, look, there's a note!"

Zooming in, she shows a letter stuffed down the hollow bedpost, right at the bottom, and she then tries to fish it out with a stick.

Eventually, she is able to prise the note up and she takes a picture of it so can people can see what it says.

It reads: "For whoever finds this note,

"We stumbled upon this loose cap to the end of the bed and like any college kids on an adventure thought it would be clever to leave a note for the next homies who find the stash spot.

"Tonight we are having steaks, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and onions… oh eggplant too!

"We got ourselves some Budlight and are having a chill night."

The mysterious note is signed off with: "Isn't this an awesome cabin! Have fun, stay woke, love Wendy."

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Shawna said it wasn't "hidden treasure" or anything really "mysterious" but still thought it was a "cute little note".

She then matched the handwriting to an entry in the guestbook from January 19 in 2020 and said: "Wendy if you're seeing this, thanks for making my trip that much more interesting."

The video was watched more than 2.8 million times on the app and people said she definitely make it a tradition by adding another note.

One person said: "I already know Wendy is someone I'd wanna chill with."

Another person wrote: "That's cool though it's like Geocache!"

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