Woman shows off KFC family meal in US – and its so different to British version

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A woman left fast food fans baffled when she showed her family's KFC takeaway including an "IV bag of soft drinks" and biscuits.

Kitty, who regularly shares tasting videos on TikTok, admitted that she's not a big fan of KFC but she learned the takeaway is very popular in the UK.

"My parents love it and they got some KFC takeout so I thought I'd show you all what it's like over here," she said in post.

"For one thing, I know you all don't have biscuits and I don't think you have pot pie."

Her parents brought home a half gallon drink that comes in a plastic bag, a big bucket of fried chicken and a packet of biscuits and a huge pot pie.

She continues: "Now this is a pot pie, I wonder if any of you have it.

"It's a really flaky pastry with chicken, gravy and veggie inside."

Next is the "KFC biscuits" – which look exactly like scones in the UK – as Kitty says it's the "most important part of the meal in America".

Her family also bought mashed potatoes and coleslaws to go with the fried chicken.

One UK fan was already drooling over the screen as she commented: "That looks so much better than ours."

Another wrote: "UK KFC is just like wings, boneless chicken, popcorn chicken…the gravy is rank though."

Some were shocked to see the size of the drink and said: "We don't have the pie or IV bags of Coke.

"Also all the packaging is paper not plastic. I'm curious as to what the teacakes are like."

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Kitty was left in stitches when she read the comments as she added: "I've never seen soft drinks in bag before to my knowledge in America only KFC does this.

"I didn't even know they did until yesterday. This is half a gallon – I think it's supposed to hydrate five people because the meal we got is to feed five people."

She also revealed that the whole meal set cost about $35 (£25).

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