Your Leo Monthly Horoscope for November

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The air is chillier and you’re ready to get cozy, Leo. Scorpio season brings your attention to your home, family, and sense of solitude. The month starts off with some dramatic twists and turns on November 5 when Venus in Scorpio stares down Uranus in Taurus. Surprising news and encounters with your family may take place. You could find yourself suddenly ready to move on from some aspect of your past. Your future is calling and you’re ready for it! Welcomed shake-ups in your career can take place, too.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 8 marks an ending of sorts. If you’ve experienced some tension between your work life and pressure from your partner, this eclipse could mark a breaking point. Are you putting too much energy into your career? This could also signal the end of a working relationship or a desire to seek a new career path.

Venus in Scorpio shares some secrets with Neptune in Pisces on November 10 and your intuition is working overtime. This is a powerful time to connect with your inner voice and your ancestors. Pay extra attention to signs from the universe today. There is also potential for healing and understanding to take place with you and a particular family member. Do your best to extend forgiveness and compassion if it feels right. The Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius square off with one another on November 11, bringing up more serious conversations in your partnerships. You may be discussing the past, present, and future. Do your goals align? Some adjustment may be required, and it’s time to redefine what your commitment looks like.

More good luck arrives on November 15 when Venus in Scorpio shares a kiss with Jupiter in Pisces. Others are noticing your unique gifts and are ready to invest in you. If you’ve been hoping to collaborate with someone, send your pitch today! Later in the day, Venus enters Sagittarius and you’re ready to bring more play into your life. You’re craving that first-date energy. If you’re coupled, you want to reignite the spark between you and your lover. If you’re single, you may be getting more messages than ever on your dating apps. This is a passionate and creative time that could also have you paying extra attention to hobbies and creative endeavors.

Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 17, entering a very auspicious part of your chart. You’re in the mood to celebrate! You’re focusing on pursuing people and activities that light you up, and you don’t care what others think. Mercury and Venus, both in Sagittarius, meet at the same point in the sky on November 21. The atmosphere is generous and inspiring. You’re feeling more social than normal and could have heart-warming conversations in love or with friends. You’re feeling seen for who you really are and more exciting news also arrives. Celebrate it!

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The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22. That’s right, Sagittarius season 2022 is here! This month’s astrology is amplifying your desire to throw on your party shoes. You’re feeling eager to put yourself out there and cultivate more fun in your life. It’s time to take those risks and chase after your dreams!

The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23 will bring your focus to your love life, creativity, and hobbies. If you’re working on a book or a creative project, you may be in the beginning stages of bringing a meaningful work into the world. If you’re hoping to expand your family, this New Moon could coincide with some big news. Today’s astrology also brings in a renewed energy around dating and romance. On the same day, Jupiter stations direct in Pisces. If you’ve had any growing concerns about your finances or debts, clarity arrives–as does some cosmic support. You’re feeling appreciated by others and secure with your emotional and financial investments. If a payment has been stalled, it’s likely to finally be making its way to you soon!

Mercury in Sagittarius has a showdown with Mars Retrograde in Gemini on November 29. You may have some heated conversations around projects that are dear to your heart. Someone from your community or a friend may have a strong opinion that just doesn’t feel necessary. In fact, it may feel more like jealousy. Everyone is on edge today, so be as gentle with yourself and others as possible.

The following day on November 30, Venus in Sagittarius clashes with Mars Retrograde. A meeting of the minds is possible if both parties are willing to admit their wrongs. If you’re not sorting through any major drama, today’s astrology could signal a seriously hot sexual encounter. When the two love planets get tangled up like this in the sky, sparks fly!

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